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investigator site MANAGEMENT

Streamline Investigator Site Management

Be confident your site documentation is complete and in the right place. 


Accelerate Site Selection & Startup

Standardize tasks, build reporting, and keep study start-up on track. 

Choose the Investigator for each study, country, and need with Kivo. When you’ve made a decision, associate the Site with the appropriate project to automatically create the correct tasks and placeholders for the necessary documentation. Finally, use our project management tools to monitor and report on document and task completion to keep study start-up on track. 


Improve TMF Completeness

Make it easier to gather, monitor, and report on site documentation. Create cabinet and folder level placeholders for all necessary information. Track certifications, audit dates, contact information and more, all in one place. 


Benefits of managing your sites in Kivo include:

TMF Completeness

Easily track what documents need to be included in the TMF with cabinet and folder templates, document placeholders, and reporting capabilities

Accelerate Site Selection

Have site information at your fingertips so you can speed up selection with confidence, including event history, certifications, and more.

Effectively Manage Study Startup

Customize a study startup task and document checklist to match your SOPs. Assign tasks then report on progress against milestones.

Works for All Vendor Types

Labs, Clinics, Manufacturers, CROs, Suppliers, Compounders…there’s no limit to the types of vendors you can manage within Kivo.

Work with Quality or Independently

Choose to use only Quality approved vendors, or manage your clinical vendors independently - it’s up to you!

Intelligent Reporting

Report on vendors by country, by type, by audit dates, or any other parameter you need - even automate alerts straight to your inbox.

Accelerate Your 
Workflow with Kivo

See how Kivo can help your team reduce manual work and improve compliance.