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Kivo makes it easy to find, share and submit response information

Agency submissions and responses require efficient cross-team collaboration - and rely on accurate, controlled information. Kivo’s eCTD viewer makes it easy for your entire team to find, share and view that key information - and for your submissions team to manage their work together.

eCTD Viewing

Link Documents Directly to the DMS

Because Kivo’s eCTD viewer leverages our intuitive DMS, every document or correspondence is instantly accessible - with all its associated metadata and audit trail. it’s also easy to see which documents - and versions - were included and referenced in every submission or response. 


Benefits of Kivo eCTD Viewer

Easily Grant and Manage Access

Easily grant or revoke access for everyone on your team, including view-only access for everyone in your organization, so you are all on the same page.

No Installation Required

Our viewer is fully browser based, compatible on Mac or PC, and requires no local install to run.

Module & Sequence Views

Our flexible viewer allows you easily navigate modules and switch between individual sequences, current, or cumulative views

Linked Directly to DMS

Live document links make all associate metadata and audit trails instantly accessible. The original document is one click away at all times.

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