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Enhance clinical and regulatory document submission knowledge at your organization with industry-leading resources.

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Compliant Trial Master File Management & Migration in 2024

For small & mid-size Clinical teams, the TMF struggle is real. It’s 2024. There are better approaches to manage your trial master file. Learn leading industry best practices from Halloran Consulting Group, as well as a real-world case study from Elevar Therapeutics.


Establishing Quality Programs: A Practical Guide

Starting a quality management program from scratch can be daunting. Learn where to start, how to iterate over time without slowing down business operations, and how to select the right QMS in this on-demand webinar.


Doubling Programs in 2 Years: Hyloris Case Study

Case Study: How Hyloris Pharmaceuticals scaled Regulatory, Clinical, and Quality Operations with Kivo GO. With over 28 submissions and 1 IND, Hyloris leveraged Kivo to double their pipeline in just 2 years.


Kivo GO Launch Demo: First Look

Relive the launch of Kivo GO, our flagship platform and document management system. CEO Toban Zolman walks through our new quality management system, active trial management, project management functionality, and more


IT Best Practices for Receiving eTMFs from CROs

Not all information technology professionals are aware of requirements specific to the electronic trial master file (eTMF) transfer. Ensure your trial data remains compliant during a transfer by listening to this on-demand session.

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7 Questions to Ask your CRO about your TMF

Asking these 7 questions of your CRO to help uncover any gaps in their data management processes, and thus reduce your risk of data loss or inspection issues down the line.


Kivo Demo: TMF Transfer, Inspection and Storage

Learn how Kivo handles TMF transfers, inspections, and long-term data storage in this product demonstration by CEO Toban Zolman. Highlights include an automatic import tool, inspector access licenses, quarterly data integrity checks.


Inspection Preparedness After CRO Transfer

Hear Marion Mays, Clinical expert, and CEO Toban Zolman outline best practices for inspection preparedness, including preparing your team, your electronic systems, and your processes.

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How to Conduct a TMF Audit

Conducting a TMF audit prior to your inspection day can reveal potential issues in advance, giving your team time to resolve them. This guide includes an example audit roadmap you can implement in your organization.


Managing the End-of-Study TMF Transfer

Do you know what happens to your TMF at the end-of-study? If you are working with a CRO, you may need to take possession of your trial data. Plan ahead for this transition with this webinar.

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TMF Transfer Best Practices from CRO to Sponsor

Dive into regulations around TMF ownership and management, learn about the TMF Transfer process, and cover the 3 critical questions to answer when planning your transfer.

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Building IND Regulatory Systems: Aligning People, Process, and Tools

Utilizing company resources wisely will help your team stay the course when facing tight deadlines and rigid submission criteria. Learn the framework in this free guide.

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Kivo Q1 2023 Product Demo

Watch Kivo's quarterly product update to discover our latest features and innovations, including support for blinded and unblinded data and TMF import functionality.

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Maximizing Resources throughout the eTMF Lifecycle

Discuss three key areas to consider when managing data in a resource-heavy environment to improve clinical efficiency.


Collaborating with your CRO for Study Compliance

Learn how to collaborate effectively with your CRO at each stage of the trial lifecycle, from defining your operating model, study oversight, document management, and end-of-study transfer.

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3 Ways Organizations Fail TMF Virtual Inspections

Build eTMF inspection-readiness into your process and sail through your next inspection by following the best practices outlined in this free whitepaper.

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How to Partner with your CRO for a Successful End-of-Study Transfer

The CRO <> Sponsor relationship is essential to clinical trial success. Learn how to create a cohesive partnership with your CRO for the entire trial lifecycle.

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Navigating CTIS for EU Clinical Trials (Whitepaper)

As of January 31st 2022, CTIS is now mandatory for all clinical trials in Europe. Learn how to align your organization to the EMA's new submission system prior to your next European trial.

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Navigating CTIS for EU Clinical Trials (Webinar)

Dive deeper into the CTIS format, now mandatory for all clinical trial submissions in Europe. Clinical expert Marion Mays and Toban Zolman outline the key changes and overall impact to sponsors in this webinar.


Compliance Meets Collaboration

SVP of Clinical, Marion Mays and CEO Toban Zolman discuss how to collaborate with inspectors, particularly during virtual inspections, to maximize your chances of a success inspection outcome.


eTMF Virtual Inspection Readiness

Watch Kivo's CEO, Toban Zolman and Clinical Expert, Marion Mays, take an in-depth look at virtual inspection trends and best practices in this on-demand webinar.

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Managing IND Submissions Using Lean Principles

In this webinar, Director of Regulatory Theresa Pinnell and Kivo CEO Toban Zolman discuss how you can apply lean principles to your IND Submission processes, to keep your submission on time and complete.