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Capture Every Back & Forth

Easily capture and catalog key correspondence for all your team’s activities.

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A correspondence solution built for regulatory teams

Capturing key correspondence doesn’t have to slow your team down

Managing and cataloging agency and external correspondence is a fact of life for regulatory teams - but can be significantly streamlined with the right systems, while also improving compliance. Link correspondence to the appropriate project, document, and submission within the submission builder for immediate traceability. Finally, add and report on commitments by project, agency, or any other piece of metadata. 


Define what needs to be captured, and ensure nothing is missed

Kivo’s configurable templates and document metadata allow your team to easily define - and enforce - the capture of key correspondence and all the necessary associated information. With a native connection to the DMS, correspondence is automatically filed in the correct location within cabinets and folders. Using customizable metadata, you can associate correspondence to projects, documents, users, agencies, and more.


Benefits of Kivo’s Correspondence Management Include

Any Correspondence Type

Support for any document type, whether it’s in a digital format, email capture, phone call, PDF copy, fax scan, etc.

Configurable Metadata

Configurable metadata allows you to specify every piece of information associated with a correspondence - and which are required vs. optional

Smart Associations

Tie correspondence back to the related project, document, submission, and more.

Project Automation

Project automation allows your submission projects to automatically update and/or complete as expected correspondence is captured

Intelligent Reporting

Run reporting on correspondence by agency, project, correspondence type or can report on anything that is included in the metadata

Link Directly to the DMS

When correspondence is associated with a document, that correspondence links to the live document in the DMS.

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