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Kivo is Here!

Kivo enables regulatory teams to accelerate regulatory approvals through improved collaboration and management.

The transition from Gemstone to Kivo is complete. Reimagined from the ground up to fit how emerging life science groups manage regulatory processes, the new Kivo is blazingly fast, incredibly intuitive, and packed with features that enable distributed teams to work more efficiently than ever before. 

This release makes Kivo the leading Regulatory Information Management (RIM) solution for small regulatory groups. Kivo is the fastest path to a  compliant document management system with its pre-validated cloud-based implementation. 


Release Details

Our Q1 2022 release focuses on streamlining the document authoring and review process for companies that use a mix of in-house and outsourced authors and distributed teams. Integrated document templates (use ours or bring your own) ensure a standard format while native online and offline editing and review enables writers to use the best tools for the job. Use Office 365 for simple authoring and review tasks or tackle in-depth formatting and publishing with the full power of Word native apps (PC or Mac). 

Designed to seamlessly support teams and partners that are constantly evolving during the drug development process, Kivo requires no local installation, validation, or standalone software licenses (including Office). Kivo's highly granular permissions and access controls enable sponsors to give authors and partners the proper access to just the right content, removing administrative overhead and simplifying project management.  

Key Features

  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant document management.

  • Pre-validated environment.

  • Integrated ICH and FDA document templates.

  • Submission pre-publishing and reg ops handoff.

  • Native online and desktop Word editing.

  • No software to install. No macros. 100% cross-platform compatible. 

  • Work seamlessly on a MAC or PC.

Kivo is just getting started.

With planned releases and feature enhancements throughout the year, all delivered validated and free of charge, Kivo is supercharging its customers with industry-leading document management, collaboration, and submission management capabilities that were previously reserved for only the largest life science organizations.

Request a demo to learn how Kivo can transform your organizational processes and accelerate your time to approval.


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